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Unlocking our Digital Future

Exploring security in the digital age, privacy protection, visual computing, and quantum information.

The rapid evolution of technology means that how we interact with, and are shaped by, the digital world is constantly changing. The explosive growth in the number of digital devices and the ability to instantly communicate massive amounts of information represents a transformation that rivals the invention of the printing press. However, as this transformation brings staggering cultural and economic benefits, it also presents new, significant challenges.

Our individual security, freedom, and privacy depend on secure national and corporate digital systems – think health care, banking, military, and infrastructure. Digital devices have become so abundant that privacy and security must be scrutinized in new ways and at new levels.

As a society, we need to respect people’s need for privacy and desire for convenience, while still supporting the electronic marketplace. So, how can we interact effectively with this evolving digital world? We must move around the vast ocean of data, and extract information that we want and need from it. For this, we need innovations in how people and computers interact.

We have experts in our faculty who research how people interact with computers and explore alternatives to defensive information security through cryptography and quantum information science. Our researchers investigate challenges in several areas such as healthcare, finance, environment, and government.

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