Three researchers in lab coats extricate algae from a bioreactor.

Energy in Transition

Exploring lower impact energy production, environmental remediation, and renewable energies.

We need energy for everything we do, everything we make, and everywhere we go. All aspects of modern life hinge on access to energy. How do we balance the ever-increasing energy demand sustainably without compromising our environment or our economy? The 21st century will be marked by how our generation manages the transition to a low-carbon economy and society.

By definition, the word “energy” is inherently ‘in transition’ and ‘dynamic’; and the energy of today may not be the energy of tomorrow. As a community and society, how do we address this transition? How do we prepare for the energy of tomorrow, and what does that look like? Can we create energy systems that limit negative local, regional, and global impact?

Finding solutions to problems that surround sustainable energy production, clean water, pollution bioremediation, and efficient energy use is pressing. In the Faculty of Science, we look at this grand challenge from the microscopic and microbial level all the way to the analysis of finance and risk.

We are home to world-class research delivering innovative solutions for harnessing, managing, and using energy. We strive to ensure Alberta and Canada achieve breakthroughs and leadership in a rapidly evolving global energy sector. This multidisciplinary effort enables us to lead the way in areas of reservoir exploration and modeling, environmental remediation, and energy capture and storage.

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